Keyboard & Screen Reader Commands

Keyboard & Screen Reader Commands

VitalSource Bookshelf® eReader Keyboard & Screen Reader Commands 

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Commands often referred to as shortcuts, are helpful for users who cannot use a mouse or who require a screen reading program (e.g., JAWS for Windows and VoiceOver). Commands are considered a standard accessibility feature for browsers, operating systems, software, applications, and assistive technology.

This document provides links to command resources for commonly used operating systems, browsers (desktop and mobile), and screen reading programs.

Windows: General

Windows keyboard shortcuts for accessibility

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows


macOS: General

Mac accessibility shortcuts

Mac keyboard shortcuts



Firefox general

Accessibility features in Firefox



Chrome general

Chrome accessibility extensions



Keyboard shortcuts and gestures 


Windows Screen Reader Shortcuts: JAWS for Windows and NVDA

JAWS web browsing keystrokes

NVDA command keys


Mac VoiceOver Screen Reader Shortcuts

Note: VoiceOver should only be used in the Safari browser.

VoiceOver commands

VoiceOver gestures


iOS VoiceOver Screen Reader Shortcuts

Note: In iOS, VoiceOver is required to be running for full Bluetooth keyboard access and testing. Users can mute VoiceOver when conducting Bluetooth keyboard testing. 

Controlling VoiceOver using an Apple wireless keyboard

A Complete List of iOS Gestures Available to VoiceOver Users | AppleVis


Android Accessibility Suite

Android Accessibility Suite (Apps on Google Play)

Get started on Android With TalkBack (Android Accessibility Help)


Please note: The above resources and links are current as of November 13, 2022.



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